Pricing & Value



Change Wealth Advisors is a “one-fee” fiduciary advisor. Our only form of compensation comes from the management fee our client-partners pay us based on the assets that we manage called "AUM." We have no soft-dollar arrangements, back end payments, commissions, or conflicts of interest. 

Our pricing is simple and clean:

1% on AUM < $2.5 million

0.75% on AUM between $2.5 million and $5 million

0.5% on AUM > $5 million



Change Wealth Advisors does not place minimums on what we will manage but rather who we will work with. We work closely with our client-partners and value you and your story. While we work with your finances, we truly believe that the most important things are the qualities that those finances support and represent. Thus, we implement what we call a “no jerk minimum.” Stated differently, we work with pleasant people who have an upward future trajectory regardless of how much or how little they have to invest.

We believe that our relationship is a mutually privileged relationship, and we approach all of our clients with respect and value. Whether you are funding your first IRA with $5500 or have a $55,000,000 foundation, your money and what it represents is important to you. Your story is important to you, so your story is important to us! We truly enjoy working with and diligently serving our clients, so as long as you can clear our "no jerk minimum" then we look forward to working with you.



Change Wealth Advisors likes to look at the evidence in everything we do, and let that guide our belief system and decision-making. The value of personally working with a financial advisor is difficult to quantify and see on a monthly statement because the value isn’t itemized, but it is certainly realized.

Vanguard did a study called the “Advisor’s Alpha,” (available in the "External Nerd Studies" section of this website) in which they set out to identify and quantify the value an advisor brings to the table. Change Wealth Advisors believes in maximizing every value possible for clients, so we take a comprehensive approach to working with our clients so that they can receive the best value possible. We believe in this comprehensive approach because it is in the best interest of our clients. Below are Vanguard’s findings broken down into their respective segments.


Advisor’s Value - About 3%

Behavioral Coaching

Plan-based Guidance: 1.5%

Portfolio Construction

Low-cost Investment Selection: 0.45%

Tax-strategic Asset Location: 0.75%

Wealth Management

Drawdown Strategies: 0.70%

Rebalancing: 0.35%