SAGE Portfolios - Strategically Allocated Growth of Equity


 SAGE Portfolios is a proprietary offering of portfolio models made available to clients of Change Wealth Advisors and Private Client Wealth Advisors. The formation of these portfolios is based on years of compiled internal and external research that has been used to construct a uniquely designed series of strategically diversified, rules-based investment models.


The objective of SAGE Portfolios is to achieve a long-term return that exceeds the S&P 500 and All Cap World Index on a real return basis and/or a risk-adjusted basis over time. Portfolio performance and risk metrics are tracked daily and will be posted to this website annually. The portfolio performance and risk metrics posted on this site assume an asset allocation that is fixed to a daily allocation target. Actual performance in an investment account will vary and does not factor in the cost of trading, management fees, or taxes.

Please review the disclosures pertaining to SAGE Portfolios at the bottom of this page.

SAGE Portfolios

The Market Czar


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The Frontiersman


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The Scotch & Cigar


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The Wine Sipper


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The Judicious Warrior


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The Eternal Optimist


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The Humble Peacock


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The Ginger Traveler


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The Conservative Progressive



Investment carries risk and can result in the loss of principal. Past performance and back tested results do not guarantee future performance. Asset allocation alone cannot eliminate volatility in an investment portfolio, and cannot guarantee returns or protection from losses. Data pertaining to SAGE Portfolios is made available for informational purposes only and should not be considered as a direct or indirect solicitation for investment or for the purchase of specific securities. SAGE Portfolios are only available in taxable investment accounts for investors over the age of 18. SAGE Portfolios are not suitable for every investor and should not be considered for 100% of an investor’s investable assets. Criteria for the portfolio design of SAGE Portfolios is subject to review and alteration. The performance objectives of SAGE Portfolios cannot be guaranteed, and investors may be subject to substantial or total losses. If you are interested in learning more about SAGE Portfolios, please consult your Financial Advisor to determine if a given portfolio is in your best interest.

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